The lapidary who reveals the faceted gem. The engraver, sometimes, who must sweat out every letter of every word with chisel and hammer. Thus, when someone says of speech that it is lapidary, they mean it is elegant and concise. High praise when almost all speech is neither and very little both.

The cultural tension we are taking on is the seeming limitlessness of noise in markets and the obsession with creating more and more. Our thesis is that if we hold each other to a very high standard from the start for the images and speech that speak of what only a certain thing is, everything else falls into place.


Because too much effort is wasted without any clear strategy behind it to unite and bring order. Much of what passes for work is ephemeral or is simply forgotten in an instant. At Lapidarius we focus on the work that will last.


MEET THE Founders.


Ben has more than 25 years of experience in strategy, spanning sectors that include apparel, beauty, beverages, food, travel & leisure, education, technology, financial services, and media. Ben founded Lapidarius to help small to mid-cap firms achieve outsized rates of growth and change on their terms. Part of his role is to create an environment for strategy that attracts, retains, inspires and advances the best and brightest thinkers in industry. He also leads strategic alliances, IP development, and client oversight. Ben holds an honors degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, in Philosophy. He is a citizen of both Canada and the United Kingdom. He lives with his family in Brooklyn.


Tori is a strategist who works with CEOs and senior leadership teams to define their focus and drive success. After nearly a decade serving clients ranging from billion dollar brands to startup successes, Tori founded Lapidarius to focus on the work that matters most in building growth businesses. She helps brands in culture-leading categories including food, fashion, beauty, luxury and media. As a strategy director her role is to deliver analytical rigor and creative inspiration to her clients in equal measure. She has a degree in Psychology from Harvard University where her studies focused on understanding what enables humans and organizations to flourish. She travels frequently, scuba dives occasionally, and reads incessantly. Tori lives in Manhattan with her husband.  



1. Love. You must put love into the work if you expect people to love the outcome.

2. Words have meanings. Choose them with care.

3. There is no B-team. We don't permit such a thing.

4. Be 80/20. Strive to find the vital few among the trivial many.  

5. We don’t let clients make us make them forget why they hired us.

6. You can fail. That’s allowed. You can’t be half-assed or vague and keep your job.

7. Talk is cheap. No blithe commentary. Make the work better.

8. Succeed. Have a measurable impact on growth – in people and in profits and culture.

9. Thrift. Be conservationist and throw nothing away that could elsewhere be made useful.

10. Measure your work against two things: outsized rates of growth & change.