We exist to create growth platforms with our clients. We act as guides to help CEOs and their teams move ahead with focus and clarity. We’re most successful with those who want deep, decisive strategy, done swiftly and well. We help leaders in companies ranging from pre-funding start-ups to billion dollar brands.

The work we do is durable. We work with what you have, conserving time and energy.

We often reveal what is already there – a pure, focused idea that exists in a 250-year-old brand, or an entrepreneur’s unrealized vision. Permanent, unlikely to be easily improved upon.

We come you in the spirit of friendly, tough objectivity. We make use of all existing research and data before seeking to create more. We build diverse project teams who call for the greatest rigor in analysis, inside and out. Our work is deep, but never mired. We question pat answers and faulty reasoning, we look for long causal chains, we build algorithms for decision making.

We believe in economy. Your team and your board should instantly recognize the work we help you do as value-added. We would sooner help our clients up a short, steep, summit than take them on an endless analytic journey across a huge valley. Engagements tend to be quite difficult, exhilarating, and unforgettable. When appropriate, we stay engaged to advise on implementation and performance.